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Cozumel Dive Sites

Villa Las Uvas is the ideal hub for your Cozumel dive vacation. Diving here is famous world wide for thriving marine life, spectacular visibility and a reef systems that’s impossible to describe. Divers flock to Cozumel year after year to experience our incredible dive sites.

If you’ve been here before, you know. For divers that are new to Cozumel, here’s a brief introduction to several of our favorite dive sites.
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Punta Sur (Devil’s Throat)

Devil’s Throat is an underwater cave (more like an epic swim through) that starts at 83 feet. Entry into the cave is through a small […]

Palancar Gardens

Palancar Gardens is a beautiful, moderate wall dive. The reef structure is dramatic with towering rock formations and several swim throughs. Here, you’ll find a […]

Palancar Caves

Palancar Caves is widely considered among the top 5 Cozumel dive sites. The dive starts around 40 feet on a winding sand chute sloping through […]

Chankanaab Reef

Sometimes referred to as the Chankanaab Shallows, the Chankanaab Reef is located in front of Chankanaab Park. General, the current is mild and runs to […]

Santa Rosa Wall

Santa Rosa Wall is most often the first dive of the day. Generally considered an intermediate dive, the site is made up of towering coral […]

C-53 Ship Wreck

Measuring 184 feet in length, with a 33 foot beam, the wreck lies upright on the seabed just 70 feet from the surface. The top of the pilot house sits at just 30 feet, making the wreck of the C-53 a good choice for divers of most experience levels.

Paradise Reef

Paradise Reef is the first dive site you’ll pass when leaving the Cozumel Harbor by boat. Being relatively shallow (mostly 20’-35’) and flat, the site […]

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