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Chankanaab Reef

Sometimes referred to as the Chankanaab Shallows, the Chankanaab Reef is located in front of Chankanaab Park. General, the current is mild and runs to the South. Hard corals form platforms where you’ll find lobsters, crab and shrimp, among other marine life.

Because of its limited depth (30’ to 50’) and predictable current, the site is often used as the second boat dive for more lengthy excursions. Chankanaab also makes and excellent dive site for beginning divers and for night dives.

The site is largely sand, dotted with numerous coral heads where you will find spiny lobsters and crabs, along with spotted moray eels and numerous other reef inhabitants. Watch for hogfish, angels, jacks and groupers, and be sure to look closely in sandy areas where seahorses are occasionally spotted.

Depending on the currents, visibility varies from excellent to good. The site can be accessed from shore, although more often frequented by boat.

Chankanaab Reef is popular for night dives, as an alternative to Paradise Reef. It is a fun, easy dive suitable for beginners and families.

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