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Punta Sur (Devil’s Throat)

Devil’s Throat is an underwater cave (more like an epic swim through) that starts at 83 feet. Entry into the cave is through a small crack at the top of a near vertical chimney. The “Devil’s Throat” part of Punta Sur is actually the last art of your dive, so let’s back up a bit…

It is worth mentioning, Devil’s Throat definitely IS an advanced dive. It is a true overhead environment that starts late in the dive and is quite deep. That said, if you aren’t sure of your skills, don’t skip the dive. Simply skip the cave. Many, if not most, boats will have 2 divemasters in the water. One will descend with a group into Devil’s Throat, while the other group will basically go around it. It will be a great dive for both groups.

The dive typically starts in 30 to 40 feet of water, where you’ll glide over three major sections of the Punta Sur reef. Here you’ll find lots of crevices and canyons, much like many other signature Cozumel dive sites. Each major structure separated by sloping expanses of white sand. Much of the uphill side of the slope, starting where the rocky reef ends, is made up of a sandy bottom as well. The contrast is quite dramatic.

Diving Devil's Throat

Be sure to look out over the sand slope often. Spotted eagle rays often cruise just off the bottom. On the reef itself turtle and nurse shark sightings are not unusual.

If you plan to dive Devil’s Throat, be sure to keep a close watch on your tank pressure. At minimum you’ll want at least 2,000psi remaining. Make the decision before you enter the water that you’ll swim around with less than that. Don’t be tempted to enter “the throat” without sufficient breathing gas.

The entry starts at over 80 feet, descending vertically for at least another 20 feet before sloping to 135 feet, where you’ll exit along a vertical wall. The experience is breathtaking. At the depth air goes fast, so plan accordingly.

Inside the swim through is a series of twists and turns where it is quite dark. Bring a light. Feeling your way through a submerged tunnel over 100 feet deep is not only spooky, but dangerous.

The payoff is huge. Many consider Devil’s Throat to be Cozumel’s best, most iconic dive site. It’s hard to disagree. The cave walls and ceiling are covered with hanging sponges and other encrusted marine life. As you descend, you’ll wonder just how deep and how much further this submerged cavern will lead. The answer is pretty far… It takes several minutes to navigate to the exit.

If your skills and nerve are up to it, Devil’s Throat is a dive that you simply cannot miss.

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