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Punta Sur (Devil’s Throat)

Few places capture the spirit of underwater adventure as evocatively as Punta Sur, nestled near the quaint and picturesque Villa Las Uvas. It is home to a unique dive site, the underwater cave known as the Devil's Throat. A challenging yet rewarding experience, it captures the essence of what makes diving such a beloved pursuit for those who dare to explore beneath the surface.

The entrance to Devil's Throat, Cozumel aptly named it for its narrow and intimidating access point, is a passage into a world that teems with life, beauty, and the mysterious. This crack, found at 83 feet underwater, leads divers into a labyrinthine journey that is both ethereal and intriguing. It's an advanced dive site that's best tackled with a spirit of daring and a solid foundation of diving expertise.

Yet, Punta Sur is a destination for all, a place where the excitement of the dive can be experienced in diverse ways. There's no need to feel left out if the idea of navigating the submerged cavern feels daunting. Many expeditions provide two divemasters, one to guide the adventurous into the heart of the Devil's Throat and the other to lead a scenic tour around it. Every diver, irrespective of their skill level, can bask in the underwater beauty that Punta Sur offers.

As you begin your underwater excursion, the waters are a welcoming 30 to 40 feet deep. Here, you'll traverse the major sections of the Punta Sur reef, home to an array of crevices, canyons, and unique marine life. The landscape here is a delightful mix of white sandy stretches and steep rocky reef slopes, creating an awe-inspiring contrast that's a signature of Cozumel's dive sites.

And as you gaze out over the sandy slope, you might just catch sight of a spotted eagle ray gliding majestically, a sight that is sure to take your breath away. The reef itself is a hub of activity, with frequent sightings of turtles and nurse sharks, adding an element of thrill to the dive.

Preparation for the dive into Devil's Throat, Cozumel is crucial, and vigilance with your tank pressure is key. It's imperative to ensure that you have at least 2,000 psi remaining before making the descent. The labyrinthine network of the cavern and the depth can quickly deplete air supplies, making adequate preparation essential.

Venturing into the Throat is a sensory experience. With twists and turns shrouded in darkness, it's an eerie yet fascinating journey. Remember to carry a light with you, as this isn't merely a suggestion, but a necessity. Feeling your way through a submerged tunnel over 100 feet deep can be a tad unsettling, and the light provides both a sense of security and allows you to fully appreciate the cavern's beauty.

The surreal journey culminates in a vertical descent along a wall that reaches a staggering depth of 135 feet. As you navigate through the darkness, the cavern's walls and ceiling come alive with hanging sponges and a variety of encrusted marine life. It's a sight to behold, an unforgettable spectacle that makes the Devil's Throat, Cozumel a crowning jewel.

Devil’s Throat, Cozumel at Punta Sur is more than just a dive site; it's a testimony to the marvels of the underwater world and an affirmation of the adventurous spirit of divers. The blend of anticipation, mystery, thrill, and awe it offers is unparalleled, making it a must-visit spot for those with the nerve, skill, and an insatiable desire to explore.

Punta Sur has something to offer for every diver. The challenge of Devil's Throat, the mesmerizing marine life, the awe-inspiring underwater landscape - it all combines to make a diving experience that stays with you long after you've surfaced. So, why wait? Add Punta Sur to your diving wishlist and embark on an underwater journey that will etch itself into your memory.

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