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Santa Rosa Wall

Santa Rosa Wall is most often the first dive of the day. Generally considered an intermediate dive, the site is made up of towering coral columns separated sand channels. The resulting underwater canyons are spectacular by themselves. These open up along the wall, offering a breathtaking view into the abyss.

Countless crevices, overhangs and tunnels traverse the entire reef system. It is possible to explore Santa Rosa Wall dozens of times and enjoy a different experience every dive.

The reef system is thriving. Seemingly every inch of structure is covered with corals, sponges, sea fans and countless other organisms. The whole ecosystem is vibrant and captivating. Santa Rosa Wall is massive and deep. It is easy to think big and just take in the liquid scene around you.

Be sure to look out into blue water once in a while. Eagle rays are common, along with the occasional large barracuda, and even sharks.

Santa Rosa Wall is exposed, so plan on experiencing a current, which can be quite strong. However, the numerous channels and large scale reef structure provide easy opportunities to escape into still water. This makes Santa Rosa a fun dive. You can effortlessly cruise the wall and duck into canyon after canyon to explore and take pictures.

Most sources indicate Santa Rosa Wall ranges in depth from 45’ to around 130’. However, that’s simply the recreational limit. During your dive briefing, the crew may suggest 120’ or shallower as the limit. The reality is Santa Rosa is a near-vertical wall running MUCH deeper than 130’. It is important to pay close attention to your depth and to watch your NDL and pressure gauge! If you are not 100% confident with your buoyancy control, plan accordingly.

Like most wall dives, Santa Rosa Wall lends itself to multi-level dive plans. The top of the wall starts at 45’, so your final depth is still a little on the deep side. A little planning goes a long way.

Santa Rosa Wall is classic Cozumel diving. The site offers everything divers love—startling visibility, spectacular surroundings and critters galore! Don’t miss it!

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