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Palancar Caves

Palancar Caves is widely considered among the top 5 Cozumel dive sites. The dive starts around 40 feet on a winding sand chute sloping through one of many canyons. You’ll be surrounded by underwater pinnacles as explore a maze of swim throughs, tunnels and caverns.

The edge of the wall begins at 80 feet. Palancar Caves offers divers excellent opportunities to encounter turtles and spotted eagle rays.

Several types of sea fans and gorgonians cling to walls and ceilings throughout your dive. The coral reef habitat of Palancar Caves is teaming with organisms and undersea activity. Schooling blue tangs and butterflies form colorful swarming masses that are captivating to watch.

Palancar Caves is an ideal dive site for wide angle photography. The teaming reef system and amazing structure, highlighted by beaming sunlight and crystal clear water make the perfect formula for spectacular images.

Palancar Caves is generally considered an advanced dive due to depth and the potential for significant current along the wall. Like most Cozumel dive sites, this mostly means extra vigilance regarding depth, NDL and tank pressure. Most divemasters are well aware of all three and will usually plan the dive to accommodate newer divers, while meeting the goals of those that are a bit more seasoned.

It is impossible to describe the underwater experience at Palancar Caves. The dive has everything divers love (except a wreck, but C-53 is sure to scratch that itch). When you visit, be SURE to dive Palancar Caves, and bring your camera!

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